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Yes I agree it is almost useless software.

Samsung Kies Alternative - Best Alternative Tool to Manage Files on Your Samsung Devices

There are a few options open to you depending on what exactly you're trying to achieve email, contacts, calendar I would suggest you don't try to sync directly to the phone but rather go via 'the cloud' i. Having said all that may I ask why you need Outlook? Why not switch to the cloud completely then you'd have the same whatever you were using it on. I could connect after that.

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Thanks B. Had to try a few times. Samsung needs to have better instructions on Kies how to do this Also, I have a different Android version, so the path was not the same. Just look for the USB storage transfer mode. Thanx a lot,it now works well I do subscribe to you regarding improving the interface. What is the task manager? I'm from Denmark, Europe. So my phone is not with english language. But can you guide me to the right place in the phone menu? Hi, I have a Google Translate widget on this site which if you select your native language might help you. On my phone to get to Task manager you hold down the Home key then a "recently used" list of applications appears.

You can also find Task Manager using the in built Google Search. This is Mark from the Philippines, my G Note was recognized in less than a minute after following your instructions. It didn't work for me so far. Could it be because I am using MacOS. I'm using Lion. Anyone there with the same OS and problems. Any solutions. I am on Mac Even if you have that you may well also need to do an update from within it: not so intuitive either as it's in Preferences, Update tab. Oh and btw it might take AGES to connect, like 10 minutes or more.

Also try changing the usb port as sometimes this makes it realise it's there But when i connect my phone to pc it starts connecting Failed to retrieve device information. Thank You so very much.

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What a joke!! I had no problems with Kies until today. A new update was available which I dutifully installed Result was: virtually the whole day trying to get it up and running again.

Samsung Galaxy J5 J500F - How to restore original firmware with Samsung Kies 3

I wouldn't have bothered as my PC happily chats with my Galaxy Note, but I'd heard a rumour that Icecream4 had been released so wanted to see if I could get it through Kies I was getting the "must connect in PC studio mode" error. After reading dozens of possible solutions and trying different permutations of them all finally what worked for me was running the Kies "troubleshoot connection error" option.

This reset all the drivers and so forth and I was able to connect and use Kies perfectly afterwards No Icecream for me though sadly. The strange thing is I had already run the troubleshooter once before today and it took about 5 minutes and didn't seem to do much. This time it took about 45 minutes! I'm pleased this worked for you but I believe the troubleshooter just uninstalls then re-installs the drivers, so in my opinion you're better off uninstalling the whole application then re-installing it.

Is it on Kies screen? Unless phoe gets connected Kies does not open.

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This is so weird. The first time I followed your instructions, it sort of worked. But I wasnt using the original cord, so it was kind of loose on the usb drive, but I saw on Kies that it was able to pick it up.

However, since it was loose, it kept connecting on and off. Anyway, I managed to get a hold of a better cord. But now, its stuck on "Connecting" forever, and then eventually showed "Device not responding". Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Try disabling USB debugging. Try installing Kies.

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At least my last Kies installation has asked me to update to that. Google for "Android File Transfer". But actually, Samsung Kies are not works well as its slogans says. Thus, more and more Samsung users are tending to find an alternative tool to the Samsung Kies on their personal computer, but obviously this is also not a simple task. However, almost all of them have some shortcoming, some of them can't help users backup their Android contents, while others require a steady network sitation.

How to Fix Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac

Some people think that's OK, but others may wish to find a 3rd desktop application, which have all managing functions and no require of network, so that they can use the tool to control their Samsung data as they like. If you are a person who belongs to the latter, then you can take a free trial on this MobiKin Assistant for Samsung or MobiKin Assistant for Samsung Mac Version by clicking the below icons. Here is a simple introduction about the functions of the Samsung Kies alternative software: 1 Backup everything on your Samsung phone or tablet to desktop PC or Mac with one simple click, such as contacts, messages, apps, music, photo, video, books, and so on.

Mass texting are also supported here.

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