Airplay doesnt show on mac

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AirPlay not working following software update

We use cookies to enhance and personalize your experience. If you accept you agree to our full cookie policy. Learn more about our cookies. We use 3 different kinds of cookies. You can choose which cookies you want to accept. We need basic cookies to make this site work, therefore these are the minimum you can select. You can always change your cookie preferences in your profile settings. To homepage To homepage. I am an Apple ignoramus. My wife wants to use iTunes on her Mac to send to our Sonos system using Airplay. Can a Mac not use Airplay to Sonos gear?

You should be able to select Sonos Airplay targets by clicking on the Sound icon in the menu bar, as shown below in the example from my system. If this does not work for you, let us know what version of OS X you are running, and which Sonos devices you want to use. Author of the leading 3rd party Sonos apps for Windows and the first fully-featured Alexa Skill for Sonos. Share Tweet Share Share. Thanks, that did it! Silly me for looking on the AirPlay menu which only does video. Sonos, please update your Airplay support page for dolts like me.

I have a similar question. I can see the speaker at the SoundOutputs but there is no sound playing from the speaker. Is there a solution to this problem?

How to Enable Airplay Mirroring in OS X Mountain Lion for All mac's

John B. Airplay 2 requires Mac OS If you want to play tracks from your iTunes library then it is better to set up a Sonos music library anyway, rather than use Airplay. I'm browsing this thread and others to decide whether investing in a One is worth it to allow me to do that. I've also been using the Audio Cast 3rd party app for a few weeks, which allows direct playback, and finding it no worse than the Sonos app in terms of stability, though it's pretty basic.

How to AirPlay to Apple TV on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

I love iTunes for organising music smart playlists particularly , and having to update the Sonos library whenever I buy new music is a pain. Also relying on the Sonos app to keep in touch with my Mac seems to be one troublesome link that can be done away with. Genuine question. Cheers, Gareth I have a similar question. I'd be really interested to know why using iTunes via the Sonos library is preferable. The benefit is that the speakers do the work, so music playback is independent of the controlling device apart from the case where music is being pulled from a local library on the device.

It means you can switch at will between controlling devices, and multiple users can control the same playback from their own controllers.

How to diagnose and solve AirPlay performance issues?

You also aggregate multiple local and remote music sources into a single Sonos control point. It sounds like your needs are simpler, and perhaps a simpler product would be better for you. Thanks pwt, that makes sense. Those are real advantages, undermined in my case because my collection is on a laptop that moves around a lot and tends to lose connection, requiring lots of re-starts and mucking about. I need to weigh up whether to continue to try to make the Sonos app and my Mac get on better together, possibly by getting another Mac that stays in one place or go for AirPlay and iTunes, and enjoy having iTunes organising things, in the main.

Or both.

John, that doesn't explain the problem. Airplay 2 is backwards compatible to Airplay 1. You should be able to use Airplay 1 to output to Sonos airplay speakers. Please see other thread that you posted on. Sonos does not work with Airplay 1 like Bluetooth, because it is unreliable and not suited to multiroom.

Therefore Airplay 2 is the only option on Sonos, and therefore you need an OS that works with Airplay 2. So my original answer IS correct. You should research before you post. That's what backwards compatible means. Any general advice from Sonos support on this bug? Sonos does not support Airplay 1. The website makes no mention of it, only Airplay 2.

Backwards - compatible or not, the Sonos software would have to integrate it for it to work reliably. If it somehow works, but unreliably, that is not a bug, it is unsupported, and Sonos are not going to do anything about it.

If you can't use AirPlay or mirror your device's screen

I have managed myself to see my Sonos Airplay 2 compatible speakers from an iPad 2 Airplay 1 compatible only and stream audio very, very inconsistently. I know that is possible. It changes nothing I said.

For a comparable situation, Sonos does not support DLNA, yet it is still sometimes possible to stream using it. But if it doesn't work reliably, pointless complaining to Sonos. And how can I fix AirPlay icon not showing up problem? Thanks so much. Part One. This increasingly adds entertainment to use Apple products in a big screen in high definition, especially when you are playing video games, playing music videos, and showing photos or albums from your iOS device.

If you can not find the AirPlay icon on the location where it should be, please read on to find the solutions to fix AirPlay icon not showing up issue. Please check the likely causes as below. Poor network connection. The network problem is the most common reason to make the AirPlay icon disappear on your iPhone. Outdated software on iOS device. If the iOS software you are running is out of date, you might be not able to see the AirPlay icon normally, too.

AirPlay feature is not turned on. Sometimes, you might have not enabled AirPlay feature on your device so that you can't see AirPlay icon on your device. Faulty system settings.

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You might have set up some settings that makes you block the incoming connection via firewall.

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