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Share to an existing shared album: Tap Shared Album, tap the name of the album you want to share your movie or trailer to, then tap iCloud.

How to safely clean iMovie files from your iPhone or iPad

Tap Next, choose the contacts you want to share the album with, then tap Create. Tap the Share button , then tap Other Application. For information about editing video clips in Photos using the iMovie video editing extension, see Make quick edits to clips in Photos.

If you want to send your finished movie or trailer to your Mac so that you can view it there, save it to the photo library and then import it into an app on your Mac such as Photos. If you use iCloud, you can also save your movie or trailer to iCloud Drive and then download it to your computer. Note: If you want to send any project to your Mac for backup or to edit it in iMovie for Mac, or if you want to edit the project further on another compatible iPhone or iPad, you should send the project to iCloud Drive, or use AirDrop to quickly transfer files between devices.

How to Import Pictures Into iMovie |

See the instructions for those methods, covered elsewhere in this topic. Tap the Share button , then tap Save Video. Medium produces a smaller file that uploads to the web more quickly. Note: If you share a project using the HD p option and more than 50 percent of your project media is p video at 60 frames per second fps , the movie is saved in the p format at 60 fps.

How to Crop / Zoom a Video in iMovie for iPhone or iPad

Money Saving Bundles. How to upload videos edited in iMovie to Instagram? Part 1: Export a File from iMovie To export your video, start by clicking on File in the menu bar, hover over Share and then click File. You can also change the file name if you want to and then click save. Part 2: Make iMovie Videos Suitable for Instagram Sometimes, the exported iMovie videos are not compatible with Instagram or have some parameters that not fit in Instagram.

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Best video codec: H. Instagram accepts H. Step 2: Output Instagram best uploading format. Step 3: Set videos more compatible with Instagram Now, click " Settings " on the main interface to start to adjust video and audio parameters to fit in Instagram according to the below specs. Upload your video to Google Drive from your desktop. From your iPhone open the Google Drive app and locate your video.

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  8. Select the three dots next to the video you want to upload to instagram. Select the "Send a copy" menu item 5.

    Using AirDrop with iMovie on iOS

    Select Instagram from the apps you would like to send the video to. What's Next? Free Trial Video Converter for Mac. The Import window closes, and your clips appear in the event. To open the Import window, click the Import button in the toolbar. If the Image Capture, Photos, or iPhoto window appears, close the window. In the Import window, select your device from the Cameras section of the sidebar.

    The Import window displays thumbnails of the video clips and photos on your device.

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