Battery powered usb hub for mac

USB-C Power Delivery

USB hubs increase the number of USB devices that can connect to a computer without having to add additional hardware. The difference between powered and non-powered USB hubs is that the former draws its power from an electrical outlet while the latter draws its power from the computer connection.

USB is the most commonly used external peripheral device connection standard for computers and other computer-like devices. Computers use USB ports to interface with devices like mice, keyboards, external hard drives, printers, scanners, gamepads, network adapters, flash drives, smartphones and cameras.

The USB standard is backwards and forwards compatible, which means new devices and computers can take advantage of faster standards without sacrificing compatibility with older standards.

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In addition to data, USB is also a power source for devices which don't always use a data connection. For example, a cell phone connected to a computer with a USB cable can both interface with the computer and charge its battery. A cell phone that's connected to a wall outlet charger by USB is only using the connection as a power source. USB hubs are devices that connect to a computer's USB port to add additional ports to increase the number of devices that can be connected to the computer.

However, there's a catch when using USB hubs: all the devices have to share bandwidth and power supply from the computer's USB port. The bandwidth and power from the computer's port is the same no matter how many devices are connected. Not all USB devices are created equal: some require more power than others.

USB Hubs: Connect All Your Devices in a Flash

USB hubs work fine with low-powered devices like mice and keyboards, but they may not be able to operate high-powered devices like webcams and flash drives. Devices may fail to work or produce error messages if the hub doesn't have sufficient power. Powered, or active, USB hubs use an external power source to bring each hub port to the same energy level as an on-system port.

Anker is one of the leading brands in the USB industry, and if you are in a need of more than 4 additional USB ports, Anker might be the right choice for yourself. You will be able to transform one of your ports and get additional 14 USB ports. Of course, all the USB ports are 3. Aluminum body will keep the construction sturdy and more durable. You will get the power adapter which won't waste the battery of your laptop while you're transferring data of up to 5Gbps speeds. Tendak offers 4 additional USB ports of 3. It comes with an additional power adapter which is always a smart option, so the laptops' battery doesn't get overused.

You will be able to charge your phone through this USB hub, even when your laptop is turned off. Sleek black glossy design features LED lights once the USB is connected, and you have the ability to switch off any connected USB by holding down the button for 3 seconds. It's available for Mac OS X The thin compact light design will let you easily carry it with you no matter where you are going.

USB Hub for Mac:

If you find 4 additional ports still less than what you need, and 14 additional ports are just too much, then I hope you will be satisfied with the 9 additional ports. All the ports inside this USB hub are 3. You will be able to transfer files up to 5Gbps of speed, and the USB hub won't use your laptops' power, thanks to the additional power adapter it comes with.

No drivers are needed to be installed in order for the USB hub to work, so you will be able to carry it with you wherever you want to. It will also give an additional ethernet port to connect your laptop with cable if needed to access the internet.

High-Capacity USB-C Battery Pack Comparison and Review

Some laptops might not have the ability to connect with the ethernetcable, however, this little USB hub might change your laptops' ability. That's something which can't be seen with other USB hubs, which makes it very useful for users who need this kind of feature. You'll be able to transfer files with speed of up to 5Gbps, while you'll be able to use older USB devices through this hub as well.

It's compact so it's easy to carry it as the dimensions are a little bit bigger than the usual smartphone. At the same time, it will offer you 10 additional USB 3. It offers transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, however, it doesn't offer the charging feature. Sleek design will expand your charging ability while saving some space around your laptop.

It will also save your laptops' battery thanks to the additional power adapter. You will be able to use older USB devices with this hub as well, which makes it suitable for all kind of situations. The USB hub weights a little bit less than g so it's really easy to take it with you. All you need to choose is which one is going to be the best one for you, and luckily for you, all these USB hubs mentioned above are one of the best and most reliable USB hubs you could get.

I would recommend you to first pay attention to the number of USB hubs you would need, and then you can pay attention to the design, portability and all other features which you might find. Which USB hub you like the most? Have you had any previous experience with the USB hubs?

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Anker 10 Port 60W Sabrent 4-Port AmazonBasics 4 Port Atolla 4 Ports SuperSpeed Anker Port Aluminum Data Hub Tendak USB 3. HooToo 9-Port Anker 10 Port 60W. Features and Benefits. The USB hub is made from advanced materials and technology for ensuring both performance and safety.

The Anker incorporates an integrated ripple protection system so it will provide additional security for the hub as well as your devices. It also uses PowerIQ technology for delivering the optimum and high speed charges to devices. It can transfer the data up to 5 Gbps with the highest speed ever. What we like. It is a premium quality USB hub for mac and others compatible system.

Anker USB 3.0 13-Port Hub + 5V 2.1A Smart Charging Port

Although it utilizes USB 3. It is super fast in terms of transferring data with the rate of 5 Gbps. The most interesting thing that you will able to transfer a high definition movie or something like that within seconds. There is no additional installation required to use this decent mac usb hub. It will save your workspace as it is only about the size of a pen box.

USB Hub for Mac

What We didn't Like. Check Latest Price. Sabrent 4-Port. Sabrent utilizes the most advanced technology for ensuring both performance and safety. Each port has a power switch for allowing individual port control as well as a LED indicator for showing power status. It is a premium quality USB hub for mac and others supported system as well.

The USB 3. AmazonBasics 4 Port. Amazon Basic uses the most superior technology for ensuring both performance and safety.

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They are 4- port USB- 2. You can easily carry it with your laptop bag as it is compact and lightweight. It is also connectable with digital cameras, iPods and iPhones, card readers, USB speakers and so on.

battery powered usb hub for mac Battery powered usb hub for mac
battery powered usb hub for mac Battery powered usb hub for mac
battery powered usb hub for mac Battery powered usb hub for mac
battery powered usb hub for mac Battery powered usb hub for mac
battery powered usb hub for mac Battery powered usb hub for mac
battery powered usb hub for mac Battery powered usb hub for mac
battery powered usb hub for mac Battery powered usb hub for mac
battery powered usb hub for mac Battery powered usb hub for mac
Battery powered usb hub for mac

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