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How do I create shared links without being able to right-click on files on my desktop?

When Go to Folder launches, type in the following path and press Enter. It should take you to the directory where your self-created services are located. You should be able to see all of the services you have created so far. The chosen service should now be entirely removed from your Mac, and there is no way to get it back on your machine. If there are services in your context menu that you no longer use and want to remove them, the above guide should help you do that on your machine. Skip to content.

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Is this article useful? Items under the regular shell key are usually really easy to spot and deal with. We have a few options on how to handle this. The second option is to disable the key instead of deleting it.

How to right click on a Mac mouse or trackpad

As soon as you create the LegacyDisable value, the change should be immediate. You also have a third option. The shellex items will be a little tougher to decipher, but you can usually figure out an item by the key name on the left. Just select the key on the left and then double-click the Default value inside that key to open its properties window.

That way, if you change your mind, you can just go back in and remove the dashes. The change will be immediate, so go right-click something in File Explorer and make sure the command is gone. You can only delete or disable them. If you want to remove context menu items that you only see when you right-click specific types of files, you can do that, too.

Just as an example, say you wanted to remove the menu item for opening an Excel document XLSX in Excel when you right-click on it.

How to Edit the Context Menu in macOS - Make Tech Easier

Why would you want to do this? Remember the LegacyDisable and Extended string values? Yep, those work here, too. Instead of editing the Registry, you can download two tools from NirSoft to clean up your context menu. As long as you zero out all of the ancestors of that message class - it'll eventually exhaust templates and return a zero-length string to the localization requestor.

How to Right Click on a Mac - Mac Basics

The context menu renderer recognizes that it's zero length and omits it from the context menu list items and you get a slimmer context menu. I know that NSString formatting is different than C, but if you're not an Objective-C guy, and need to think about it in terms of printf, the following too examples are basically the same for the purposes of this exercise. If you make a modification and after restarting Finder it does't seem to be taking affect - you might be modifying a localization string in some other area than the right-click context menu.

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Revert your change, restart Finder and try again. If you skip this step you may end up modifying something other than the context-menu and not realize it until days later.

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Understand that this is basically a hack, it may not work the way you want or expect it to. For what it's worth I've been running with these changes and more for at least a couple weeks now and have experienced no ill effects. First lets look at a 'before' image taken from the OP's post that shows us a typical default Finder context menu full of bloat.

Stripped down as far as I could get it. Bear in mind, if we were selecting a file we would have the default Open and Open with.. Open Localizable. Some format strings will fall back to more generic templates if they exist. In that case you'll have to zero out multiple values. Since I wanted to complete get rid of any Burn I make a copy of the fragment to change, comment out the old fragment with a description and make my modifications to the copy. That way I can easily revert and don't have to use version control or have multiple copies of the file.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Remove entries from finder's context menu? Ask Question. Does any one know how can I remove items that I never use from the context menu?

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