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How to Use Multiple Backup Drives with Time Machine

Help please! I now try to restore the whole disk with a time mashine back up. Is that normal? Can the time machine also take you back to a point in time you were at on a website. Specifically, I was on my Facebook homepage and saw two post of the same note I had written. It was a very valuable piece of writing. I would like to restore my computer back to that point in time so I can back it up and not have it deleted.

How to restore from Time Machine

Hi I just upgraded my unibody to a ssd. Did the restore on it thru the time machine But once I run mail, it gets stuck on importing mails almost at the same point again and again. I try to migrate from my old mac to a new one. I made a Time Machine back up and tried to migrate it to the new one. The latter has an external SSD that is also the start up drive. I seem not to be able to select the internal HD to migrate to. The Migration Assistant will not proceed as on the external SSD that is also the start up disk is insufficient space. So after successfully restorinf from time machine, my mbp wouldnt continue to start up, it gets stuck halfway through the bar.

Ive tried various stuff like resettinf the PRAM etc but nothing seems to work. Can somebody please help me out im running out of options. After reading all of the posts in this topic, I am left with a feeling that Time Machine is not the way to go when restoring a full backup to a new iMac. I am considering Carbon Copy Cloner but wonder if this is a better altenative because I have also read that this has its own problems too. Are there members, of this forum, able to provide positive feedback on using both Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner, to allay my fears?

The old one has Mavericks, the new one has El Capitan.

Time Machine (macOS)

Migration assistant failed twice, however, some things, but not files, moved to the new Mac. My question: If I use a time machine back up from Mavericks to my new computer, will El Capitain remain? I had been backing things up onto a HD using time machine on a regular basis, and did an extra backup right before the recovery process.

My wife is about to kill me for losing all this data. Any ideas of where it might be or how I can recover it and save myself? If so, is it OK to delete it? I get to the section that asks for the destination disk and the only disk that shows is a partition I have on my time machine. The new SSD is not showing up. Any suggestions? Is there something I can do to fix this? First of all thanks for this useful blog post. I came across this website via a Google search and found the content of the site very helpful for Mac users.

I have a question, my time machine backup drive has suffered a file structure corruption and now I am unable to recover the data. Can you please tell me what I should do now in order to recover the data back? The simplest approach would be to attempt to verify and repair the external backup drive through Disk Utility app as described here:. The Disk Utility app can repair many simpler issues, otherwise some more complex problems may require third party software like Disk Warrior.

These two articles may be useful in that situation:.

NOT obvious. Time Machine restores through Internet Recovery has failed me twice recently when I needed to reformat and restore my Macbook. More than half way thru the restore, I get an error message telling me that the restore cannot be completed with no further details. Instead, what worked for me was to do a fresh install of Yosemite, then run Migration Assistant.

How to Back up Your Mac with OS X Mavericks’ Time Machine - dummies

That worked flawlessly to restore my latest backup without error from Time Machine. I just wish Apple had made Time Machine more reliable than it is. Make sure your Time Machine backup disk is connected and turned on. If your disk is on a network, make sure your Mac is on the same network. If necessary, enter the name and password you use to connect to your backup disk, then click Connect. Select the date and time of the backup you want to restore, then follow the onscreen instructions.

After you restore your system, Time Machine may perform a full backup at the next scheduled backup time. This is normal. Time Machine resumes incremental backups after the full backup is completed. Andy — are you for real?!

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I recommend cloning and proper use of the save as command which Apple has do idioticly hidden in yosemite over Time Machine, which i have seen many times corrupt and become totally useless. SuperDuper is an excellent application and totally worth the price. I have it setup so at the end of the day, I plug in my backup drives and SD launches automatically, does a smart update of my data over multiple drives, then shuts down my system telling me in the morning that the process completes. They have excellent support if you require it, and at any time you can retrieve anything from a single file to booting on any mac qualified to run the installed OS and be as if you were on your computer because essentially you are.

Try doing that with time machine. Agree about Super Duper. When reading comments on this and any site I wonder if mentioning a product is a plant, a hidden ad for the thing, but for my part, I am not doing that. I have had much earlier problems with Time Machine and abandoned it for Super Duper. When I had problems with my drive their tech support saved me by telling me my drive was failing and needed to replace it. Bad move! However, I am going to keep using it and concentrate only on retrieving specific thing when I need them, not trying to re-write my whole drive from a TM backup.

This is related to Safari doing some sort of indexing. I believe it is because I use an SSD external or possibly because it is encrypted. With all honesty latest versions of OS X are neither stable nor have a good reputation at all, with many bugs even the latest Even number of my friends are complaining lately about OS X stability. I like OS X in general, but stability of Windows is much higher for sure.. Not exactly connected to a data backup, but I had a need to correct your initial incorrect statement :.

The instructions and a some of the comments make me wonder about a couple of issues. Time Machine seems best suited to restoring the same computer used to generate the files in the first place, as might be done if an internal hard drive were to fail and be replaced.

I wonder if it is the best way to back up files with other eventualities in mind. My wife and I use Time Machine to regularly back up our Macs running Any new Mac that I might buy would already have an installed operating system, presumably the latest. Would I have to remove the OS from the new computer in order to restore from my backup or would the new computer recognize the situation and load just the files?

If a Time Machine backup would not work in this situation, then what kind of backup would I need to have to take care of this eventuality? Would that be possible or would we have to obtain new computers and load them from the backup drives in order to retrieve the critical information? Here a solution do a complete fresh install of the said OSX, then reinstall the said user apps, , then use TM for email files, doc etc too ya liking.

Just navigate to and through it using Finder. The operating parts, apps, etc. So you could just skip TM altogether and instead just save those items on the external hard drive. It also includes the added benefit of making my Mac's photo library easily accessible from my iPhone and iPad. Noticeably absent from iCloud's options is iTunes. It's so big and unwieldy that I can only assume it needs its own backup system.

Setting up Time Machine server in High Sierra

Your iTunes library is included in a Time Machine backup, of course, but since I spent so many years buying CDs and importing them into iTunes, I keep a separate copy of my iTunes library on an external drive. Before you create a copy of your iTunes library, it's a good idea to make a sweep of your Mac for any media files it may use that aren't already in the iTunes folder.

Step Two: Choose Hard Drive

Next, open Finder and go to your home folder the one with your user name and find the Music folder. Inside the Music folder is a folder titled iTunes. This is the folder you want to copy.

At the top of the Advanced window, iTunes lists the path of your iTunes Media folder location. With your iTunes folder located in Finder, connect an external drive to your Mac. It will be listed along the left panel of the Finder window. Simply drag the iTunes folder from its current location in Finder to your external drive listed on the left to copy it. Originally published on Oct. Update, Oct.

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