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Fortunately Macworld UK has a very helpful comparison of the Mac mini and iMac that can you help you decide between the two:. In terms of specs, the iMac is a better deal than the Mac mini because it features more modern processors, more RAM, and better graphics. It also features an integrated monitor and comes with both a wireless keyboard and mouse.

If you are only considering the entry-level Mac mini, the price of the iMac is significantly higher.

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You could equip the cheaper Mac with a monitor, mouse and keyboard, and still have cash left over. More at Macworld UK.

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  • There have been quite a few reviews of the Mac mini posted by prominent tech sites. Expert Reviews: The Mac Mini is a good upgrade for what was already an excellent entry-level Mac. Ars Technica: Not the Mac mini upgrade we were hoping for.

    Removed features and Intel's convoluted CPU lineup make the Mini less versatile.

    The Mac mini recently came up in a Reddit thread when a potential buyer wanted to know if it was worth buying. I have an iPad and get most of what I need done on that, but I do miss having a desktop for my music, movies, pictures, etc.

    Can run all applications without a glitch, including heavier stuff like Premiere and DaVinci Resolve. Doing that made it plenty fast for any of my needs. Those mostly consist of storing TV shows on it to stream to the Apple TV, using remote desktop to work from home, and general browsing. It handles two monitors fine. I do wish sometimes I had gone with a Macbook pro just because with two monitors on a desk it takes up a lot of space.

    It replaced my macbook pro from college that lasted 7 years. Love it — just make 8gb the bare minimum amount of RAM, go for 16gb if you can and you will future-proof yourself somewhat. Otherwise, I would do some work and build a small hackintosh. Or take the mac mini money and buy a laptop.

    Mac mini (Late 2014) Review

    If you are looking at the models, you will certainly want to go with a SSD or maybe the Fusion Drive if you need lots of storage. Keep in mind that RAM is no longer upgradable after purchase, so you might want to consider upgrading that when you buy. It will have to do for the life of the machine, so may as well max it out. The Mac mini is still an ideal digital hub and makes a great media Mac.

    I got one off a guy in craigslist and i have been very pleased with its performance. I am sure if you toss a screen on it you could use it for light desktop work.

    Mac mini (late ) review | iMore

    The only truly limiting factor is the fact you can not upgrade the ram past the 4 gigs it comes with so keep that in mind when trolling around. I would not buy a new one i would however work at it and pick up a great copy used off eBay or CL. I hope that helps.

    Plex’s new desktop app packs a fresh look, streamlined downloads

    I also had the issue of an iMac that bit the dust and wanted the server functionality with out the head. I am migrating to all laptops. I was platform agnostic when i was hunting for a server, however i had to have thunderbolt for my array and the mac mini was the perfect price and fit for that need. My suggestion is to buy the HDD version. Later, if you want to upgrade it, buy a SSD elsewhere and install it yourself, it really makes a difference. You'll now have to pry open the panel with a tool we used a screwdriver , and the only removable component is the PC's Wi-Fi module. New to the Mac mini are its two Thunderbolt 2 ports, which allow for extra-fast data transfers and are ideal for connecting to 4K monitors.

    The Mac mini touts The Mac mini's port selection includes everything you'd expect from a modern PC, and the Thunderbolt 2 connections add some welcome productivity options.

    However, while its rear-facing ports help maintain the sleek computer's seamless design, they sacrifice some convenience; I would have preferred to have access to a headphone slot and at least one USB port in the front. Packing a 4th-generation, 1. The Mac mini scored 5, on the Geekbench 3 test, which measures a machine's overall performance. This score is lower than the Intel NUC's 6,, 1. Apple's mini computer had little trouble with our spreadsheet test, matching 20, names to their addresses in 6 minutes and 17 seconds. Our Mac mini's GB, 5,rpm hard drive copied 4.

    Inside the Mac mini: CPU, SSD, RAM, T2

    While this rate is comparable to that scored by the iMac's identical hard drive With its integrated Intel HD Graphics , our starting configuration of the Mac mini is far from a graphical powerhouse, but it can still handle a few non-demanding games. The mini PC ran World of Warcraft at a playable 30 frames per second at p with autodetect on, but stumbled when the settings were turned up.

    The NUC notched only 26 fps under the same settings, and both PCs fell to the high teens with the graphics kicked to ultra. The Mac mini registered As long as your Mac and iPhone or iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and are logged in to the same iCloud account , you can answer calls and texts from the desktop without reaching for your phone.

    With the new Handoff feature, you can start composing a text, email or document on your iOS device and finish it on your Mac or vice versa with a single click. The Handoff feature worked seamlessly in my testing — whenever I started composing a note or message on my iPhone, I immediately saw a prompt on my OS X dock to transfer it to a Mac. I was able to pull up a website on one device and transfer it to the other, and was able to receive and answer my iPhone's calls right from the Mac dashboard. Yosemite introduces a flatter, cleaner, iOS 8-esque aesthetic, with revamped versions at Notification Center, Calendar and Safari that closely mimic their mobile counterparts.

    If you happen to be using the Mac mini somewhere without Wi-Fi, you can use Yosemite's Instant Hotspot feature to get connected via your iPhone. Packing standard-issue Mac apps such as GarageBand, iMovie, Pages, Keynotes and Numbers, the Mac mini offers plenty of built-in options for creative professionals and business users. You can bump the CPU to a 3. Optional upgrades include a 3.

    mac mini review 2014 vs 2012 Mac mini review 2014 vs 2012
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    mac mini review 2014 vs 2012 Mac mini review 2014 vs 2012
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