Sirius online radio not working mac

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Sometime in college, I happened across Radium , and I had this instantaneous attraction to it. Imagine my excitement when I discovered I could actually bring that comforting noise machine to my desktop! What made it stick for me was that instead of browsing by station, Radium let you browse by what you were into. By the time I got an iPhone, I figured Radium would have made it onto iOS with a big shiny yellow icon, matching the style that pervaded it on the desktop.

Not yet.

That was a couple years ago. One might wonder how a menu bar app dependent on search would translate to the iPhone, yet CatPig Studios have pulled it off, drawing your attention to all the right places and making what should feel like a sparse list of radio stations feel like a traditional music player, alive and full of personality. It becomes immediately obvious that you should play something, with instructions limited to a lack of artwork and example queries that flash in the search bar.

The best radio apps for Android and iOS

As you begin to search, cover art falls away, and the app searches and updates stations in realtime as you enter your query. What you can listen to is virtually unlimited as far as Internet radio goes. It supports ClearChannel stations, meaning that I can conveniently listen to a local radio stream without having to go through a Flash player on the web or download the iHeartRadio [2] app. The app also supports other providers such as CalmRadio for classical music and Digitally Imported for electronic music.

All of the great features that are found in the Mac app can also be found in the iOS app. And if you have a Last.

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Each station is accompanied by a glyph describing what kind of music it plays, and you can change that by tapping on the icon in your list. Swiping on stations lets you love it so you can quickly find it later. Other than the Bluetooth being on, that app was the only thing I had open on my PC.

I downloaded the PC app, haved not tried downloading to my table yet and will not until this is working. Will call Sirius in the morning to see if they have any idea what I can do to work this out.

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I was greatly disappointed in the app, but perhaps the support person will be able to help me resolve this issue. Given that people are paying for the streaming service, it is amazing how buggy and unsupported an app this is. It worked OK when first released, now is apparently abandoned. Use the web app, folks. As many reviewers have noted, this app is buggy and unreliable, useless really.

The audio stops playing so often that its ridiculous. Sometimes you can get it playing again by pressing Pause or GoLive but, more often than not, you'll have to change the station to get it to play again. Then it will play for a minute or 2 and cut out again. Why make the app and put it out there if it works like this? This could be a stellar app if they would actually make it work, not asking for much, is it? Cannot recommend until fixed On-demand shows freeze after minutes requiring an app restart.

Inexcusable, but then we're talking SiriusXM, whose customer service constantly gives Comcast some serious competition in their race to the bottom. If it were possible I'd give this zero stars. The app simply doesn't work. Everytime I start a station it will play for seconds and then cut out and stop playing music. I have contacted Sirius XM several times and they are aware of the problem but do not care enough about their customers to fix it. Either fix the app or get rid of it. Most times when I try to run the app, it begins to load and then just stops running. Sometimes if I attempt to run it 2 or 3 times it will load.

If I run CCleaner and clean up caches, cookies, etc, it will start on the first try When it doesn't completely load, which is often, I end up having to go to the web page to listen. Don't know if there's been an update or not. Frustrating app. It is not reliable for playback; all stations tend to "freeze" followed by no sound coming out but the app showing it broadcasting.

Radio Classics is my favorite station but the navigation to previous episodes leaves a lot to be desired on the mobile app. We need to be able to jump back from the history, not work our way back through show after show. Translate to English. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services.

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SiriusXM Radio: Internet Player Loads but no Sound

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sirius online radio not working mac Sirius online radio not working mac
sirius online radio not working mac Sirius online radio not working mac
sirius online radio not working mac Sirius online radio not working mac
sirius online radio not working mac Sirius online radio not working mac
sirius online radio not working mac Sirius online radio not working mac
sirius online radio not working mac Sirius online radio not working mac

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