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The remake remains faithful its predecessor while simultaneously making just enough new additions to make it feel relevant and fresh, all while retaining the same core message that made the album resonate so deeply seven years ago. When the band revisited their zoological release in a fully-realized acoustic style this fall, they did so in the most careful, reverent, and precious way possible. Every once in a while you have someone that just makes your day on social media. Aside from putting out a new record in , this was also a year of personal progress for Dylan as he shared his weight loss journey with fans in between beaming selfies and adorable musings.

Always happy to meet fans at the merch booth after shows, Dylan is a stand-up guy and the definition of a stone-cold chiller. Runner-up: Caroline Rose of Caroline Rose. Caroline Rose is a special crystal angel full of rainbows and dreams.

While there were undoubtedly some early indicators like Knocked Loose , Code Orange , and END , the metalcore revival has never felt more real than it did in May it never truly die. Back in January, England-based Shame kicked off the year with a world-rocking debut album , and more recently the IDLES-adjacent Heavy Lungs released a banger of a single following an angry little EP of political tunes.

While Cranberry is definitively much more than that, their music certainly is easy on the ears.

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He may tell you it was an exercise. He may tell you it was a way to air his grievances and get his thoughts out into the world. While I gave his Christmas tracks dozens of spins as I usually do, this season felt extra special when fans received a long-obscured loosie from the days of Christmases past. August Burns Red may have released a highly-influential metalcore album early in their career, but their vast body of Christmas work has always been a personal favorite of mine. Needless to say, when we got a six-song EP of holiday tunes earlier this season, it practically made my year.

Turns out these words also accurately describe the futuristic dance music contained just behind this cover, all while taking the viewer by surprise and making them want to know more. In other words, it does everything an album cover is designed to do. An image of five black children lined up against a wall with their hands up in the air says more than I ever could, and almost says more than Nasir does in its minute running time. Like most fans, I clicked play, vibed out to the classic Kanye soul chop, and then proceeded to bust out laughing when he starts aggressively scatting.

You try to brush it off, but you keep coming back to it. Bearing faithful renditions of their wine-drunk songs, the band also manages to inject some moments of surprise into this recording.

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Plus, with engaging crowd responses throughout, and just the right amount of banter, Boxer Live in Brussels is proof that, much like a fine wine, The National are only getting better with age. Fortunately crystalized on film for the rest of time, the video is a minute encapsulation of the type of soul, charm, and artistry he was possible of. Sometimes you hear an album that jangles just in the right way. That kicks up just enough dust and casts just enough of an amber-coated summer breeze.

A record where the drums are light, the vocals are relaxing, and the bass is played just in the pocket. The kind of music that you can close your eyes, sip your beer, nod along, and enjoy the absence of worry. Winner: Young Dolph - Role Model. At the end of the day sometimes you just need to turn your brain off.

Remake/Rework of the Year

While his popularity had been brewing up for some time now, a Travis Scott co-sign , Drake name-drop , and perfectly-timed album release all converged into the perfect storm of hype and success. Earlier this year I discovered Field Medic through a stroke of Spotify luck and almost immediately turned around a short review gushing about his poetic folk music. Round-up: Surf Curse - Nothing Yet.

The modern surf rock scene walks an intoxicating mix of fast-paced aggression and laid-back good nature. While it may sound contradictory, this balancing act is a feat clearly mastered by Surf Curse on their sophomore album which also happened to be the soundtrack to my summer this year. The music video itself is a striking, twisted, and hypnotic bit of long-shot cinematography that half a billion viewers found impossible to look away from… much like America. We have to go back. Not to do anything different, but just to enjoy it all again. From Matrix dodges to Skechers advertisements, the mix of wistfulness, commitment, and innovation is simply too impressive to ignore.

Winner: Retirement Party - Somewhat Literate. Opening and closing with the airing of her own hypochondriac-fuelled grievances, lead singer Avery Springer spends the rest of the record weaving nervous stream-of-conscious tales fraught with overthinking, awkwardness, and self-deprecation.

In short, it feels like someone took my brain and transposed it onto jittery garage-filtered pop-punk. If nothing else, Tyler wins this one for the sheer amount of freestyles he gifted fans this year. Most of them under two minutes long, the ex-figurehead of Odd Future released somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen freestyles this calendar year alone. D City. The first half of the song finds a sixteen-year-old Saba reconnecting with his estranged cousin Walter back in high school. Saba recounts his traumatic prom night experience over a woozy Chicago jazz beat for three minutes until exactly halfway through the song when everything stops.

From there, time flashes forward to as Saba paints a picture of his first successes as a musician and his growing bond with Walt. Eventually the story unfolds, Walt is involved in a fatal stabbing , and Chicago claims another life. A feat. A warning. A memorial. Then Mac Miller died, and all of those feelings became amplified ten-fold.

With his passing, an already-great track became the penultimate swan song of an artist we lost just as he was reaching his prime.

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It makes you equal parts heartbroken and thankful to have shared the world with such an incredible artist. The Dream Is Over was one of those rare records that was so good it crossed musical boundaries. With tracking finished back in May , we should be on the receiving end of some heart-rending thrashy punk rock any day now. Martens, and lots of good music. After taking a short hiatus earlier this year, the biggest producer in the rap game has returned to his rightful space at the top of the modern music landscape. From Crooning Swae Lee tracks to worldly dance songs , even a fast-paced Drake feature , everything about the album seems scientifically-designed to succeed.

In Julien Baker released Sprained Ankle and it destroyed me. In Lucy Dacus released No Burden and it moved me. In Phoebe Bridgers released Stranger in the Alps and it robbed me of happiness for a full calendar year. Now in the three musicians team up to take down my emotional state once and for all with boygenius , a 6-song EP of smoldering emotional destruction.

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With voices that intertwine, unfurl, and cast a spell on the listener, boygenius is a siren song of sadness and emotions all entangling like a string of Christmas lights. I love Christmas. I love Sufjan. Since Duffy held yearly listening parties of the song for friends and family complete with hot cocoa , but now the track has been released to the world in both its original form and as a Doveman remix featuring Melissa Mary Ahern.

Releasing one additional Christmas single every season from that year forward, the group has now returned with Winter Wilderness , a six-track EP of holiday offerings. On FM! Vince takes listeners through hectic two-minute chunks of a would-be terrestrial hip-hop station. Featuring interviews, sneak peeks , and surprisingly-accessible bangers, FM! Only time will tell how deeply this resonates with his current fanbase, let alone connects to the audience just outside of it.

Remembering Mac Miller: the rapper's rapper who embodied hip hop

Inspired by true events, The Rat House acts as a companion piece to Bronze Age of the Nineties , both of which recount the events of his college years spent in Michigan. Featuring densely-packed multi-part folk epics, bite-size personal tales, and Sufjan-esque instrumentation, The Rat House is a more than worthy successor to his full-length. Read our full review of The Rat House here. Takeoff has always been my favorite Migo. Way back in a group named Fleet Foxes emerged from a rainy corner of Seattle, signed to Sub Pop Records, and released one of the most important folk records of the decade.

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Spring of was a weird time for me. A major transition in my life combined with the changing of the seasons compounded into a mixture of anxiety and claustrophobia that felt like an uphill battle to overcome.

mac miller on the spot freestyle lyrics Mac miller on the spot freestyle lyrics
mac miller on the spot freestyle lyrics Mac miller on the spot freestyle lyrics
mac miller on the spot freestyle lyrics Mac miller on the spot freestyle lyrics
mac miller on the spot freestyle lyrics Mac miller on the spot freestyle lyrics
mac miller on the spot freestyle lyrics Mac miller on the spot freestyle lyrics
mac miller on the spot freestyle lyrics Mac miller on the spot freestyle lyrics
mac miller on the spot freestyle lyrics Mac miller on the spot freestyle lyrics

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