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You now have all the handy, freely draggable convenience of an icon view, along with the more compact vertical spacing of a list view. Incidentally, the Mac has no idea what sizes and shapes your window may assume in its lifetime. Therefore, OS X makes no attempt to scale down a selected photo to fit neatly into the window.

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If you have a high-res digital camera, therefore, you may see only the upper-left corner of your photo in the window. For better results, use a graphics program to scale the picture down to something smaller than your screen resolution. This harmless-looking button can actually wreak havoc on your kingdom—or restore order to it—with a single click. First, you can set up individual windows to be weirdo exceptions to the rule; see Always open in icon view. Second, you can remove any departures from the default window view—after a round of disappointing experimentation on a particular window, for example—using a secret button.

Now hold down the Option key.

How to: Change Mac Icons without Candybar :Yosemite/Mavericks )

The Library folder is usually hidden, to prevent clueless newbies from wreaking havoc with important files. But now OS X is willing to give it back to you—if you know about this sneaky little trick. You can wield two different kinds of control over the layout of files in a Finder window: arranging and sorting. You can perform all these obsessive reorganizations in any view : icon view, list view, column view, or Cover Flow view. For example, you can arrange your documents into application groups meaning which program opens each one ; now you can see at a glance which files will open in, say, iTunes when you double-click them.

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You can view your Finder-window files in neat little groups, separated by headings. Top left: The Applications window, in icon view, arranged by application category. Bottom: The Desktop folder, in column view, arranged by date added. In icon view, the icons under each heading appear in a single row , scrolling off endlessly to the right. Use the usual sideways-scrolling gesture to flip through a row. That is, swipe to the left on a trackpad with two fingers, or with one finger on a Magic Mouse. It gives you four different ways to find them:.

Choose one of the criteria from the submenu. Marvel as the Finder puts your files into tidy categorized groups. Pretty cool, actually.

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Choose from the icon. This icon appears in the toolbar of every Finder window.

Fixing Google Drive (and other app) icons in OS X Yosemite

It contains the same options listed in the previous bullet. Right-click or two-finger-click an empty spot in an icon-view window; choose from the Arrange By shortcut menu. Remember, arranging clumping is not sorting. You can, in fact, sort the icons differently within each arranged group; read on.

You can even sort by different criteria. For example, you might have the programs in your Applications folder arranged by Application Category but sorted alphabetically within each category. Choose one of the criteria: Name, Size, and so on.

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  • Fixing Google Drive (and other app) icons in OS X Yosemite.

While pressing the Option key, click the icon. Right-click or two-finger click an empty spot in an icon-view window. Press the Option key. In the View Options palette, use the Sort By pop-up menu. Hey, guess what? In icon view, you get an additional option: Snap to Grid. This option appears only if Arrange By is set to None. Use either the View menu or the View Options window right to turn on permanent cleanliness mode.

You can, however, control how tight or loose that grid is, using the Grid spacing slider described on Icon size. Icons never snap to the grid. To do so, just double-click on each file. Now it's time to swap all the icons. Open up LiteIcon and move it to the right of your screen. Then open up the three folders from the icon pack. Let's start with the icons. Go to Apps in LiteIcon, and begin dragging the new icons over from the "official icon packs" folder to the originals in LiteIcon.

If you downloaded the iTunes icon separately, don't forget about that one as well. Hit the Apply Changes button at the bottom-right of the LiteIcon's window. It will then tell you it needs to clear cache and log out, so hit "Okay" and go through the login process to log back in.

Once the program opens up, you are greeted with multiple options—select Install Customizable dock. Two TextEdit values will open up; one is titled Dock Settings , and that's the only one we need to focus on. The original file looks like this by default:. Basically, don't paste the file onto the icon, copy the icon of the icon. Alex Alex 6, 3 3 gold badges 16 16 silver badges 32 32 bronze badges.